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Slit Seeding

Do you have bare areas?  Is your lawn not thick?  Have you tried to surface seed and the seed didn't grow?  Slit seeding may be the answer!

We have the equipment and experience to give you the yard of your dreams and little stress to maintain.

The final grading of your yard (the seed bed) will determine the quality of your lawn.

Sports Courts

Nothing brings people together at picnics and other backyard gatherings like having an area for activities.  We can install bocce courts, horseshoe and cornhole pits and even volleyball areas!!


Does your yard develop puddles after it rains?  Does your lawn have bare areas?   Does your soil dry out easily?  Aeration may be exactly what you need!  We have a number of different types of aerators to meet your specific need!

Lawn Installation

  • Our procedures ensure that your seed bed will be conducive to the growth of grass.

  • We use equipment that will give you a smooth final grade that makes maintaining your grass stress free.

  • We use the proper amount of seed and fertilizer required.

  • We use a high standard of seed designed to give you a durable lawn.

  • In certain circumstances, we might suggest a soil analysis to ensure the proper amendments be added to your soil prior to seeding.